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 I am a hobby breeder of Skinny  pigs (hairless guinea pigs), based in the Merseyside / North West area of England.  I breed  for  temperament.

I find skinny guinea pigs to have a more outgoing personality than your regular guinea pig.

Skinny hairless guinea pigs make fantastic pets for people with allergies to pet hair,   who  would otherwise not be able to experience the joys of owning a pet.

They are very easy to look after, and require no grooming, and skin  problems are few if they are recieving quality food and care . However, they DO need extra warmth due to them having no or little hair, this can be achieved by either placing a small heat mat to one end of the cage, or placing them in a very warm room. There is no need  for sweaters or any form of guinea pig clothing , also do Not use oils or moisturising creams as they can be fatal to your skinny pig as it will be ingested when they lick the skin when they clean themselves. Skinny guinea pigs are NOT outdoor pets, as they are very susceptible to hypothermia in the winter months and sunstroke/burns in the summer. They need alot of hay (dust free ) as both bedding and to munch on.

They are the same as regular guinea pigs where they need and love to have supervised play, outside of their cage,  in my case they  roam around free in my hall, sniffing, playing and chattering to each other, they are alot cleaner than your regular guinea pig and they dont smell as much.

Please do not buy a guinea pig with the sole intention of a child looking after it. Children get bored of pets once they realise the care needed, especially very young children. It is the responsibility of the adult to provide the needs of the guinea pig and any pet that is bought for a child. Please think hard and long before making making a decision to get a guinea pig. I am willing to take back any guinea pig brought from me rather than it end up in a rescue or dumped somewhere. There will be NO refunds, but if the pet is loved as much as you declared at the time purchased , that should not matter. Just knowing your pet is returned to a safe loving envirenment is the most important and right thing to do. I will never turn away a guinea/skinny pig.

Since they need to generate more heat a skinny pig will eat more than a haired piggy ,  dry food (ideally that contains vit C) for their skin, and require at least 2 bowlfuls of fresh veggies a day, ie. cucumber, carrots, apples, broccoli, tomatoes, and they all adore dandelion Leaves. Also fresh water daily.

Please check out  the care sheets  for  more information.


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